Why only .cc/.to links?

FSP.cc links are links that points to pages within my personal network of websites. For example, these reviews were located at a different site. When they moved to this domain, the fsp.cc links were modified on the backend to allow for a seamless transition. Also fsp.cc links are likely easier to read, and type out than the URL they point to. For example, http://fsp.cc/lifewireless now points to http://services.fsp.reviews/cellular/life-wireless/. The fsp.cc URL is obviously much easier to deal with than the actual URL.

This is also in part with fsp.to links. However, some of the fsp.to links may or may not point to affiliate links. For those that use the .to links, I might get a commission on the promotion of the link. This however does NOT influence my review of the product or service.